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I dare you.

Back on the blog! I recently wrote a spoken word piece after noticing the impact of words versus actions. Words are very important in expressing inspiration, advice and your unique view. However, when those words become actions, that is when reality kicks in. That is when people understand, believe, love. I hope you enjoy my piece. Please express your thoughts!

I dare you. Written by Mary Babcock. 

I dare you to tell a child in the ghetto of Detroit that he can be

whatever he wants to be.

I dare you to tell a teenager in the slums of Afghanistan that she can be

whatever she wants to be.

I dare you to tell a kid in the remote villages of Guatemala that he can be

whatever he wants to be.

I dare you.

I’m not stating the impossible. For even my hero, Nelson Mandela, once said,

“It seems impossible, until it’s done.”

And it can be done.

Shawn Corey Carter: AKA Jay Z. Net worth $500 million. Usain Bolt. Fastest 100-meter runner in the world.

Anne Frank. Never faltering from her character despite endless cruelty from the Nazis.

Many more. Arose from poverty, inhumanity, struggle.

And changed the world.

Now you realize, it’s not so simple. You can tell someone that they can be:

An astronaut.

The President.

A peacemaker, ambassador.

You think you’re doing good? Being an inspiration? Really, just words?

What if all he knows is how to steal with perfection to feed his family?

What if all she knows is how to hide her face to avoid a gunshot from the Taliban?

What if all he knows is how many miles he must walk before reaching clean water?

What if?

You’re just using words. All your doing is stirring the pot, increasing vocabulary.

Astronaut. President. Politician. Peacemaker.

Let’s try doing. Making. Creating. Words are not good enough anymore.

These children need examples. They need active inspiration. Do as you say, be as you do.

Once you become whatever you want to be,

Then I dare you to go up to the children and say,

“You can be whatever you want to be.”

That’s when they’ll believe you.

So go do it.

I dare you.