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a smile is stronger

There are so many little things in life that can make you smile…the right words from a friend, a call from a family member, a baby’s laughter, a hug from someone you love, your favorite movie, a great song…the list goes on and on. These happenings seem insignificant, however, when I take the time to notice what makes me smile, I realize without these moments my life would feel incomplete. When I was in the airport, a man was walking through security and had a wrapper in his hand. He looked for a trash can and found one, across the security lanes. He chucked that wrapper with sly confidence, secretly hoping he could make it in the trash can. When he did he looked around smiling, probably feeling a sense of accomplishment. That moment made me smile, and even laugh a bit. Such a small instance, yet creating significant happiness within me. And without happiness, within me and those around me, life wouldn’t seem worth living.

That is why God must have made smiling so much easier than crying. I notice the little things can make me smile, but it takes something larger to make me cry. God wanted us to smile more than cry…because it makes our life worthwhile. A smile is always stronger.


Gatsby and I

I have been looking forward to the moment I could watch my favorite book unfold on the big screen. The Great Gatsby. And wow, it lived up to my expectations. Reflecting on Jay Gatsby’s life after watching the film proved to be interesting, and this is because the perspective we see life through are very different.

Gatsby spent his entire life knowing, and dreaming, of what his life would become, a perfect image drowning in a hopeful soul. It was as if his life’s vision was as fragile as your grandmother’s china set, tucked away and never used so it cannot be damaged. However, it was the most beautiful object your eyes had ever seen.

For me, my way of going about my life is quite unlike that. I used to feel anxious when people would ask me how I wanted my wedding to be, how many children I wanted, what my husband would look like, where I would live…but after watching The Great Gatsby I am thankful that I am happy with the unknown. At least I will not end up like Gatsby, with all hope lost and a heart so indulged in a mysterious love that it may never heal. I have accepted that certain things may not turn out how I would expect, and I am extremely happy enjoying the ride.

Of course, we all have vague ideas of items we know we must achieve within our lifetime…and we should chase those with our whole heart! However, do not be discouraged if life decides to turn left when you have your right turn signal on. Embrace it, go for greatness.

It is simple, Gatsby will never know what could have happened if he freed his heart and invited someone, who had been searching for the same things he had been his whole life, into it.

Nobody right, nobody wrong

“One argument that none of us can hide, is the one that’s ragin’ down deep inside. Tryin’ to make a point or have the last word, but most the time people just tryin’ to be heard. They say you got to chose your side and when it’s done..nobody right, nobody wrong.”                                                      Michael Franti; “Nobody Right, Nobody Wrong” 

People forgive each other everyday, from the littlest missteps, to the sudden trips, or the greatest falls. Forgiveness is oftentimes taken for granted. People do not take the time to appreciate the courage in forgiveness. The courage it takes to forgive, and to ask for forgiveness, should be treasured by both individuals.

Forgiveness is a building block for happiness. When a person forgives, it builds a friendship, a trust, an unbreakable bond. The person who forgives realizes the courage within the person who apologized, and the greatness they could not live without. The person who apologizes shows immense courage, proving that they understand the feelings of the other person.

It was once said that, “Success cannot be achieved without unity.” Success may take on many definitions. Unity requires the ability to be able to forgive, and the ability to ask for forgiveness.

Mistakes are inevitable, but our reaction to these mistakes is what gives us life.

Soul Time

I traveled to Jocotenango, Guatemala in March 2013, because I was sick of sitting on the beach and doing nothing over my spring breaks. I knew I wanted to help people when I was there, and hopefully gain a new perspective on what living really means. I didn’t understand love. I didn’t understand the purpose of living. I often questioned if I was actually happy in my life. So I packed a bag and headed there for a week, alone, ready to figure out my life. (I’m not sure what this blog will ultimately be about, but I’m sure my endless thoughts in Guatemala will take up most of the posts.)

Before I left for Guatemala, I told my mom that I was determined to figure out my life during this week. She seemed happy for me, and then asked, “What if you don’t, what if you don’t feel inspired?” I laughed at the thought, but I took it to heart. What if I don’t find out anything, and I returned to the exact conundrums in my life that I was trying to escape? Well, that would just suck big time.

That did not happen, though. I figured out just what I set out to. And for some reason, I feel like sharing some of those ideas with the world.