Nobody right, nobody wrong

“One argument that none of us can hide, is the one that’s ragin’ down deep inside. Tryin’ to make a point or have the last word, but most the time people just tryin’ to be heard. They say you got to chose your side and when it’s done..nobody right, nobody wrong.”                                                      Michael Franti; “Nobody Right, Nobody Wrong” 

People forgive each other everyday, from the littlest missteps, to the sudden trips, or the greatest falls. Forgiveness is oftentimes taken for granted. People do not take the time to appreciate the courage in forgiveness. The courage it takes to forgive, and to ask for forgiveness, should be treasured by both individuals.

Forgiveness is a building block for happiness. When a person forgives, it builds a friendship, a trust, an unbreakable bond. The person who forgives realizes the courage within the person who apologized, and the greatness they could not live without. The person who apologizes shows immense courage, proving that they understand the feelings of the other person.

It was once said that, “Success cannot be achieved without unity.” Success may take on many definitions. Unity requires the ability to be able to forgive, and the ability to ask for forgiveness.

Mistakes are inevitable, but our reaction to these mistakes is what gives us life.


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