¿Qué valoras?

As I sat in the Rainbow Cafe with Matilde in Antigua, Guatemala, we contemplated living. We both know we want to do something extraordinary with our lives, and living the normal seemed a depressing circumstance for both of us.

It was decided that the norm went something like this – childhood filled with discovery, school, vacations, school, work and fall in love, get married, have beautiful children, reach some career goals, relax, die. That description wasn’t meant to be crude, it was just how I thought of the norm. But then it hit me, people who live the norm CAN BE happy, sometimes that’s even the path people WANT. Why? Well, I can’t answer that question. I’m setting myself up to do something extraordinary. However, I learned I am in no place to judge someone for not striving for extraordinary if happiness is what they value, and what they found. Especially if they found love. But then again, I should not even judge their values. What if their value was success, and they found it by living the norm? That is a feat to be proud of! It’s just not me, and I cannot fool myself.

Now that I had no problem outlining what I am not, the tough part comes trying to convey who I am. I know I value love, happiness, and the extraordinary. Love – it takes so many forms, and with love you can do so much. In my dreams of starting a non-profit organization I know love will be so important. Everyone needs love. (And if you don’t believe this, I am actually curious your argument so please comment below!) Happiness – it’s a perspective. How are you going to look at the world? The extraordinary – take risks. I know many people will despise me for saying this, but YOLO. Do something EXTRAORDINARY that you LOVE everyday, with a HAPPY heart.


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