Soul Time

I traveled to Jocotenango, Guatemala in March 2013, because I was sick of sitting on the beach and doing nothing over my spring breaks. I knew I wanted to help people when I was there, and hopefully gain a new perspective on what living really means. I didn’t understand love. I didn’t understand the purpose of living. I often questioned if I was actually happy in my life. So I packed a bag and headed there for a week, alone, ready to figure out my life. (I’m not sure what this blog will ultimately be about, but I’m sure my endless thoughts in Guatemala will take up most of the posts.)

Before I left for Guatemala, I told my mom that I was determined to figure out my life during this week. She seemed happy for me, and then asked, “What if you don’t, what if you don’t feel inspired?” I laughed at the thought, but I took it to heart. What if I don’t find out anything, and I returned to the exact conundrums in my life that I was trying to escape? Well, that would just suck big time.

That did not happen, though. I figured out just what I set out to. And for some reason, I feel like sharing some of those ideas with the world.


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